Value-add Services

Momentum Cargo Logistics also deliver the A-Z of our industry, taking over the otherwise tedious details that customers have to deal with on their own.

Other Services






other services :

M+ Insure Marine Coverage and Other Insurance Coverage

Marine, Public Liability, Safety and other relevant insurance coverage for the passage of transportation of goods.

Customs-Related Procedures

Overall brokerage and forwarding services involving approvals, waivers, required of the relevant authorities and governing bodies.


Pre-shipment and post-shipment inspections and documentation.

Liaison with relevant Government Bodies

Trade and industry related such as MITI, MIDA, The Royal Customs of Malaysia and other governing bodies.

Tax-related Activities

Application for Tax Exemption Application and other taxes where relevant.

Procedural Activities

Application of Certificate of Origin (COA ) & Applications for Import/Export permits.


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